Weight loss supplements really help you lose weight?

If you want to lose weight safely, no weight loss supplements will help you.

The ones that are effective, only influence your weight loss by a tiny margin. The ones that are effective, they’re almost always dangerous. For example, there are some supplements that help you lose weight by blocking your sense of hunger. There are even some Russian websites, suggesting you can lose weight by infecting yourself with tapeworms. You know, the worms that live in your intestine, and can grow up to 3 meters in length.

The motivation behind putting a parasite inside you on purpose (a depressingly common scheme) is that it will live inside your digestive tract and gobble up calories from the cheeseburgers and cake you keep eating, but saying a tapeworm will help you lose weight is like saying a knife wound in your throat will ease your sleep apnea—it might have the intended effect, but it’s also a terrible, terrible idea.

Then there is the category of supplements that work, kind of. For example, green tea extract. Green tea extract can work in helping you lose weight, but the effect is so tiny, you’ll be better off doing a push-up, instead of buying it.

So what should you do if you want to lose weight?

You don’t need to do exhaustive dieting, you don’t have to eliminate all sugar or carbs. At its very core, weight loss is about creating a caloric deficit. Now, there are ways to do achieve and live in a caloric deficit without putting too much strain on the body.

No matter what you do, it’s impossible to become immune to hunger – you WILL lose weight. The fat is there for a reason – to be used when you’re not getting it from outside sources.

And intermittent fasting is the all-natural way to lose weight.

But effective weight loss can also seem confusing if you’re not familiar with it yet. In fact, after reading all the different answers with different ways to lose weight, you could be more confused than you were to begin with.

Through evolution, our bodies adapted to constant fasting. People sometimes didn’t eat for weeks or even months if the food wasn’t around. And they were fine.

So no, you won’t damage your metabolism. No, you won’t gain it all right back. A caloric deficit is the only way of losing weight, and IF allows you to stay in a caloric deficit without feeling like it.

That means you can get on with your life. You’re not dieting, you get used to eating according to a pattern, and then it becomes entirely natural for you to eat breakfast when others are eating lunch.

Losing weight is easy.

When you eat less frequently, you eat less overall. As a result, people doing IF lose weight – significant amounts of it.

Extra productivity

Before doing Intermittent Fasting, I didn’t know that actually, the first 3 hours of my morning are the most productive ones. That’s around 12 – 15 hours into my fast. That was completely unexpected, and now that I have extra time in the mornings, I can use it to be extraordinarily productive and start my leisure activities a lot earlier than I used to.

Long-Term approach

IF works best if you find just the right amount of calories and the perfect eating window. That is entirely up to you. To find that, listen to your body’s needs and act accordingly.

Once you find how many calories you need to feel great and when are your favorite feeding times, you’ll find that you can do it indefinitely, and that’s why Fasting is way more effective than dieting or taking supplements.

Even more benefits of IF:

️Increases insulin sensitivity. High insulin sensitivity allows the cells of the body to use blood glucose more effectively, reducing blood sugar.

️Reduces insulin resistance. If you have high insulin resistance, the cells do not absorb as much glucose, which might lead to excessively high blood sugar levels. Without management, this can progress to type 2 diabetes.

️Increased production of Human Growth Hormone. That means better regeneration, less muscle loss, and more muscle growth.

️ Less risk for neurological diseases. Less risk for Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and so on.

️ Productivity. Without the constant rises and crashes in blood sugar, your energy levels remain much more stable throughout the day, keeping you more productive.