How can I effectively lose belly fat in 7 weeks?

The difference between fast walking and jogging is that brisk walking is more suitable for people with more flesh on the stomach. Because of the stomach is too much, jogging will put some pressure on the knee, causing sports injuries.

But walking quickly can avoid the damage of the knee, and the same amount of heat is not reduced, the effect is also very obvious.


For people with more belly fat, swimming can protect the joints while achieving a systemic fat loss effect. Swimming under the pressure of water, has a certain massage effect on the joints of the body, if swimming for one hour, it can be equivalent to running twice an hour.

Especially for friends who are seriously obese, swimming is the best choice for all sports.


The culprit of the fat on the stomach is, of course, inseparable from eating. When you open your legs, it is very important to control your mouth. Therefore, the control of diet is the most important thing to reduce the stomach. Reducing the intake of fat is the key to losing weight. After that, with exercise, it is difficult to think about it.

Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 is offering a new treatment which we believe can potentially replace traditional cavitation. Unoisetion customers can get results they are satisfied with, without having to undertake buzzing and noise in ears

How Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 Work?

Unoisetion Cavitation W.0 therapy makes it possible to apply concentrated levels of unionization cavitation 2.0 energy to specific treatment areas. This type of therapy targets and destroys subcutaneous fat cells in the fat cell membranes through a series of microscopic implosions. Once the fat cell membrane (adipose tissue) is destroyed, the fat is discharged between the cells where they are turned into protein and then changed to free fatty acids and glycerol. Free fatty acids are moved to the liver where they decay and are removed from the body while water-soluble glycerol is transported to the circulatory system and used as energy.

With collective strong sound wave head, unionization strong sound wave of 40000HZ may be emitted to vibrate fat cells at top speed and produce numerous vacuum air pockets inside and outside the fat cells, robustly impact fat cells to generate introverted blast and disintegrate triglyceride into glycerol and free fatty acids. Then RF waves at a frequency of 1MHZ are used for exhausting the integrated glycerol and free fatty acids through hepatoenteral circulation. Finally, vacuum RF and energy electrode are used for positioning and tightening fat. In physics, it is known as “cavitation”. Micropore introverted blast inside and outside cell may lead to enhanced molecular motion and a higher energy level and this will finally cause fat cell rupture and there to achieve the effects of bodybuilding and losing weight.

Firming the arms, legs, thighs, buttocks, waist, back, abdominal muscles and reshape the body figure Improve and treat the orange peel-like fatty tissues of different serious levels With the effects of soothing, decompression and pain relief (such as joint pain, sciatica), promote the regular mechanical aerobic exercise of skin tissue, rapidly relieve stress and remove fatigue. Firming, lifting and compact the skin and mold the face shape circulate and activate cells, promote metabolism and so that 100% more collagen and elastic fibers may be gained for improving the facial and body skin.