Salt cure: Cure through Salt

Pink Salt Wall has recently introduced its much-awaited magical product called SaltCure, which is undoubtedly the best product for 2020 and beyond. No doubt, PSW already has a wide range of salt products which are stunning, healthy as well as sustainable. However, this time it has taken an even greater shot by introducing an absolutely extraordinary product. Let’s dig deep into SaltCure to know why it’s a must-have in 2020 and beyond.

What is SaltCure?

SaltCure is made by hand-pouring soy-paraffin hybrid wax inside the Himalayan pink salt candle holder. It is called SaltCure because of the fact that it cures various respiratory disorders, reduces allergies, generates negative ions, helps in getting relaxed, and much more. It’s an exclusive product that is made by observing life and work from home routine in quarantine (after the pandemic hit the whole world drastically).

Dealing in curing salt for years brings us to develop such a product for the people especially those who work remotely from home, they can put it on their work table as a desk accessory. Although another one can also use this wherever they want. It’s a perfect product to keep close while working as well as relaxing as it is proved to be a mood enhancer and mind soother. It is also best to be used at wedding venues, gatherings, special events, memorial services, and others. It can also be proved as a must-have product in meditation spots.

Shapes and Dimensions:

Currently, SaltCure is available in three different shapes with different dimensions and specs.

Smart Candle:

smart candle

Smart Candle is a rounded SaltCure which is famous for its sleek shape and decent size. It gives a charismatic glow like a regular candle but with better appearance and air-purifying abilities. It is available in two different sizes of 6” and 4”.


star-shaped candles

Starco is a SaltCure of the star-shaped candle, which is famous for its shape, size, and pink color. Its star shape makes it very attractive that grabs the ultimate attention of the visitors. It has 3.5″ in Height and just 2.5 pounds weighs.


bowl-shaped candle

Monroe is a SaltCure of the bowl-shaped candle, which is famous for its great smell, dimensions, and size. It is best to be brought in bundles and light up the whole venue as they look like buntings just healthier and better looking. It has 3.5″ in height and 2.0 pounds weighs.

Spectacular Appearance:

SaltCure is designed to be healthy, surface-friendly, and decor. It is very handy that it can easily be given as presents and carried back and forth to the office, home, and different venues. It is absolutely reusable. It is made of pink salt so it has a natural yet textures pink color which makes its look very royal yet calm. SaltCure is designed to be perfectly harmonized with any kind of interior like in the home, office, master bedroom, functions, weddings, or pretty much anywhere.